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Planter Trays

Thermoformed plastic trays

Principal Design

A series of decorative planter trays for high-volume retail product launch.


Domestic manufacturing of low margin/high-volume products can be challenging. Luckily, the project sponsor is the manufacturer. In this case the supply chain is vertically integrated for a smooth retail product launch.

With an established supply-chain for materials and expert in the thermo-forming process, the challenge was to create new products to target a new category of growth. Plastic potted planter trays are consumable high volume retail products. It is a category that features very small margins and requires low cost manufacturing techniques for a successful retail product launch.


Design Management

Retail Channel Strategy

With a steady business in isle at some of the largest big box retailers, the project sponsor approached us to bravely explore other opportunities for their core manufacturing capability and material innovations.

design culture

Opportunity Space

Leveraging the sponsor’s manufacturing processes and material know-how, we proliferate coordinated aesthetic solutions and develop a brand identity and pitch deck to share with potential retail product launch partners.

how to launch a product
Design & Development for product launch

Final CAD designs selected and details confirmed, we establish color, material and finishes for sourcing, print 3D printed models, and cut aluminum tools to pull prototypes from raw material.


product design innovation
concept development
product manufacturing
opportunity space
concept design rendering

While the product development process can be customized to apply effectively to the needs of the customer and adapt to business objectives like retail product launches, Principal Design’s 5 step process is a framework that guides innovation and enhances communication between stakeholders.

design process

Principal Design approaches every project with the intent to help our customers succeed with their product launch. The success of our product design process, and industrial design development depends on our purposeful, user-centered design approach. Our creative strategy is divergent to leverage resources and discovery, and convergent to select for the best opportunities prior to product launch. We organized our five stages to leverage our retail product design efforts, Principal Design’s purposeful action reduces risk while balancing exploration with execution. Each stage of the process is an opportunity to reflect on and refine the design and specifications for the best possible product launch.

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