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Principal Design

Single Use Packaging Design

CBD Oil ‘squeeze-pack’

Principal Design

A user-friendly single use cannabis product packaging design project


The client identified a need for consumable packaging design for their CBD oil and vape juice suitable for the retail environment. The challenge was to utilize the sponsors existing manufacturing supply chain and packaging materials and package filling and manufacturing machines while differentiating from the growing list of competitors in the competitive cannabis marketplace.

The solution needed to be inexpensive to produce and maintain at fractions of a penny per unit. Keeping these creative constraints in mind, we focused our attention on how to best meet the needs of the consumer in terms of usability, aesthetics, and purchase decision making. The fine details and material performance is where the very subtle art of packaging design thrives.


Design Management

Ideation & Concept Sketching

With adequate time constraints we endeavor to proliferate a variety of concepts to choose from. With the client satisfied with our illustrations, design options and manufacturing strategy, we make concept selections and begin to refine the packaging design specifications.

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CAD Development & Specifications

Refining the scope by balancing both user and product specifications, we build sophisticated volumetric models and simulating the tear strength of different geometries by balancing this with filler machine requirements, seals, consumable liquid volume regulations, and user accessibility.

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Prototyping & Delivery

Confirming the final specifications with high resolution 3D printed models, the final design is ready to be tooled for production. The brand new packaging design concept is ready to become a convenient reality at checkout counters and pegged displays throughout the retail world.


Packaging prototype
Design Selection Criteria

The product development process can be customized to apply effectively to the needs of the customer and adapt to changing business objectives, our 5 step process guides the design and development of great product and packaging design solutions while encouraging focused and effective creativity, value added marketable innovations and narratives, and effective communication with stakeholders.

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Principal Design approaches every project with enthusiasm. The creative success of our product design process for product development depends on our purposeful, user-centered design approach. We scale our process to meet the unique challenges of product design and packaging design projects big and small. Our five stages have proven to leverage our design efforts, reduce risk, and maximize budgets while balancing exploration with execution. Our designers are divergent to leverage the resources available, and convergent to select for the best opportunities, while each stage of the process is an opportunity to reflect on and refine the design process.

Principal Design


Principal Design

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