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Fireproof Home Safe Intuitive Design

Principal Design

Intuitive design for a robust locking mechanism


Designing a new intuitive design keypad and lock interface for a product & platform refresh is a fairly straightforward charter.

Working closely with the sponsor’s engineering team, we strive to deliver as many viable design options within the project timeline, scope, material and assembly constraints.


Design Management

User-Centered Intuitive Design

Understanding the voice of the stakeholders and the subjectively defined needs of the consumer base guided the initial intuitive design concept efforts.

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Product Development

Establishing guidelines which included engineering concerns about alignment to pre-existing assembly patterns and mechanisms without sacrificing usability, value added features, and ease of use was of special concern.

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CMF & Integration with teams

CAD modelling to the engineering team’s specifications and meeting ergonomic and user needs, we successfully deliver on time and under budget with an attractive and use-able product.


Design for manufacturing
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design methods

While the intuitive design and specifications for final product development are part of an overall process, they can be customized to apply effectively to the needs of the customer and adapt to meet the project sponsor’s business objectives, Principal Design’s 5 step process is a framework that guides the design team and encourages collaboration, communication and better design outcomes.

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Principal Design approaches every intuitive design challenge methodically. The success of our creative studio’s process for product development depends on our purposeful, user-centered, design approach. Principal Design’s purpose-driven frameworks are organized into the five stages most proven to leverage our design experience. While working, we reduce risk and balance exploration with execution. Our creative strategy is divergent to leverage resources and discovery, and convergent to produce the best possible design solutions. Each stage of the process is an opportunity to reflect on and refine both the final design and the processes used to produce great work.

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Principal Design

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