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Pocket Selfie

A low tech tech gadget concept

Principal Design

Leveraging new material design for inventors


The project sponsors were inventors who came with their idea sketched out and mostly well considered on paper, but required specific help to design for inventors.

The inventor had already established the general design intent, but needed help establishing the materials, manufacturing, and final design of the product. An appropriate composite material was chosen that can be scored on the top and bottom surfaces to create hinges that are flexible and durable.


Design Management

Design for Inventors

Gathering any and all initial work from the client and interpreting the opportunity into actionable steps, we sourced and tested samples of the target materials and design criteria.

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Material Selection

We researched the material scope and limitations, and designing for material manufacturing lead to specifying an execution design for inventors approved by the Inventors themselves.

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Detailed Design

Then built full dimension and accurate CAD model based on the material and material properties then customized with design details and supporting material components.


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Technology Product Design
Consumer technology product
Pocket selfie stick
Invention Design

While the product development process can be customized to apply effectively to design for Inventors business objectives, Principal Design’s 5 step process is a framework that guides the design team and enables effective creativity and communication with our inventor clients.

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Principal Design approaches every project systematically, whether our clients are new Inventors or seasoned product managers, the success of our product design process for product development depends on our purposeful, user-centered design approach. Principal Design’s innovation methodology reduces risk without sacrificing exploration and discovery. Our creative strategy is divergent to leverage the creativity of our design team and our clients, and convergent to select for the best outcomes. Each stage of our process is an opportunity to reflect on and refine the design of an invention.