Smart Home

Control System

A consumer electronics product platform


Challenged to design a series of wireless home control devices around a newly licensed technology, this project featured a unique creative constraint. A piezoelectric (energy harvesting) subassembly was sourced from a third party vendor.

As the envelop and subsequent user scenarios would be affected by the specifications of a pre-assembled sourced component, establishing a minimal profile and strong visual brand language would define the overall success.


Design Management

Concept Development

Following a typical design process, we conduct some initial category research followed up with Industrial Design concept sketching.

design culture

Visual Brand Language

As concepts are selected for further development, we coordinate technology, engineering, and design efforts to define the platform's overall design intent.

how to launch a product

Prototypes & Model-Making

3D CAD modelling, hand modelling, and 3D printing are simultaneously employed techniques to put objects in hand and on the table for further refinement and stakeholder integration.


Hospitality Lighting Control Systems
Technology Product prototype
Wireless Lighting Control
Concept Sketching

While the product development process can be customized to apply effectively to the needs of the customer and adapt to changing business objectives, Principal Design's 5 step process is a framework that guides the design team and encourages communication and stable execution.

design process


Principal Design approaches every project methodically. The success of a product development project depends upon the clarity and strength of the process. Organized into the five stages most proven to leverage our design efforts, Principal Design's purpose-driven frameworks were developed and refined to reduce risk while balancing exploration with execution. Our creative strategy is divergent to leverage resources and discovery, and convergent to select for the best opportunities.

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